Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thing #7 - Cool Google Tools

Yes, seriously cool! Once I make sure that we can get to Google Notebook at school (we cannot get to Gmail, sigh), that will be the vehicle of choice for all group projects running through the Library Computer Lab - so frustrating for teacher and other team members when the kid who was saving the ppt on his/her server-drive account is absent during research, ppt creation and/or in-class presentations!! The kids also go a little bonkers when the ppt version on one computer is older than on another so that their animations don't work right. Since too many times they concentrate on the appearance of the ppt without enough content, using GNotebook for presentations may just force them to put some thought into what they create...

I will also strongly promote Google Scholar for our advanced placement students, as well as teachers doing background research for lessons.

Personally, I've spent all day starting up my first Google Notebook as our vacation planner, so I can access everything from any computer - wowsers! And all our grown kiddos and other family will know when we are going to be where via Google Calendar (once I decide on it all) and see our routes on Google Maps. I already use Picasa to store pictures (and have bought an external hard drive to save them all - now I just have to do the backing up~)

Since it's summer and I'm on the job with my husband often, I set up a Google Alert for construction safety, astounding him pretty regularly with news of international mishaps that he hadn't heard of yet. I will be showing this tool to the safety dept this week.

As for school-relatedness,

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