Monday, June 30, 2008

Thing #10 - image generators

Oh, my! Now that you've shown me more image generators, I'll never get anything else done on my 23 Things, not anything at all!
I will just use Custom Sign Generator to for license plates

and blogheaders

and those hysterical not-so-motivational posters (as you rethink how we as teachers, as well as our administration/management folks, try to motivate students/teachers/principals extrinsically, read this at Marginal Things blog - I got this by RSS this weekend - I feel so smart sometimes....)

And now I know where to find tools to make my cute kitty pix into LOLCats photos. Of course, my cats are the funniest of all; I just am laughing too hard at them to get good snaps!

Since I've gotten tapped to lead training at my husband's job this summer,
this smiley made at Happy Face Generator says it all.

My students will be able to use these tools (probably from home, unless I can get them unblocked at school) to make philosophy magazine covers, trading cards for their musicians & artists project, and much more. I'll print from home color laser printer, since small classes.

I hope that I can get the trading cards as hands-on fact-intensifiers for science, Spanish, and social studies classes. We have only black and white printing in Library Computer Lab, but that should be okay for these purposes.


Elizabeth said...

Ooooh! Love the Texas license plate!

Nice Guy said...

Make your own @ (create free graphics online).