Monday, June 16, 2008

Thing #3 - setting up my blog

Gracious sakes, that was easy! The most difficult part about setting up my blog was not the blog itself, but was remembering my Yahoo log-in... or maybe it was choosing hair for my avatar when there aren't any selections for brown-turning-gray.

As I was driving from school-hometown to summer-home, I was thinking about starting a blog about all the weird and wonderful road signs, road names, and just plain gosh-awful amateur signs that I see as we travel. I'll sure be ready after playing with these 23 things!!

I read lots of blog entries that I StumbleUpon, but haven't yet read any from this group. I was trying to get everything done so that I could get set up with the Kickball captains. But I promise I'll read and make cogent, witty comments when appropriate.

My least favorite part about reading blog comments are the doofus posters who just say "me too" or the like. I do understand that being the first to claim "it's photoshopped' in comments is just a "ha-ha, I'm first" thing and not actually accusing that the original poster manipulated the photos... shoot, sometimes there's not even a picture on the blog... it's just how some folks are. sigh.


VWB said...

Looking forward to your witty take on things! Love the avatar, but love the "little" play with the words and pictures!

Grendel said...

Me, too! (just kidding) am trying not to bre a doofus blogger!