Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thing #5 - Flickr

Wow! Such fun looking at Flickr. This one will make a great opener for any presentation - online or not - that refers to our GHS Library.

I am still working out how the various components of CC license work -
for instance when just adding photo to instructional site rather than making giveaway bookmarks using the photo, etc.

In one way, searching Flickr is a lot like looking at vacation snapshot collection by a distant aunt - a good bit of self-congratulatory dreck to sort through in order to find the occasional gem, even when using the search box.

Why some Flickr photos have the tags they do - a complete mystery. At times, it seems like they're trying for every possible tag, like those rotten spammy sites that include the good search terms in their backgrounds so that the spiders find them and bring the crud into the stream of 'real' finds.

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