Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thing #6 - Mashups

More fun! But I had a bit of trouble getting my trading card of an ancient Chinese village (Cuandixia - you've seen in "Crouching Tiger" and other films) onto the Flickr map, since there were few cities as landmarks in China there.

The trading cards could be super-fun in our GHS Library as students made promos for their favorite books, being careful not to give away the ending, of course. We could use these Top Titles trading cards as screensavers... hmmm... as long as I can get the Tech folks to allow access to Big Huge Labs. I know that we cannot access Flickr itself at school, so it may take some wizardry via saving files on home computer and then flashdriving the cards onto the school server. It's worth a try!

And making those inspirational poster (you know, the ones with black matting and white words) with fun/crazy quotes for my Humanities and Creative Problem Solving classes - oh, yeah!!

Wonder if we could do this for my husband's construction job? Trying to create community and increase safety awareness - could post some great stats regarding number of safe workdays/weeks/years, top safety tips, etc.... more hmmmm!!I know that I will be making trading cards of all the grandkids soon - everyone needs to get a lift now and then.

!! Just ran into a fav mashup again -Tunnel through the Earth! So you'd have to be shoveling in Argentina to "dig through the earth to China" - who knew? These clever critters did

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VWB said...

you hit the nail on the head..."It's worth a try" to figure out a way around the roadblocks...many of these things are too fun..and the kids will want to do them! flashdrives have come up in a lot of conversations as a method of making a collection available and still allowing kids choice!
and I bet the kids will go looking for places they can do these things outside of school!