Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thing #21 - Podcasts and audiobooks

Hmmm... I missed the part about needing a mike for this course, so had to borrow one and record under less-than-ideal conditions.

I can certainly see the possibilities of these technologies for school use. Teachers could record explanations of particular math processes or chemical changes, for example, and have those podcasts/vidcasts available for students to access at any time, either for new learning or for review/remediation.

Of course, the book review/teaser is now ubiquitous, so it would be important to find a solidly memorable 'voice' for such recordings, rather than just contribute more tossaway content to a crowded field. And also be sure NOT to give away the endings of the books, as the example podcast did, without telling the listener/viewer that it's a "spoiler" - why would I want to read the book if I know the ending??

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VWB said...

Virtually every computer has a built-in microphone...usable under most circumstances...often is nothing more than a pin-head size hole, often close to the power button.
mine works just fine for the recordings I have done...unless my phone rings at the wrong time! :-)