Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thing #13 - Social Bookmarking

Okay, so maybe it's just a function of my age, but I really prefer clonking a saved website into a subject-folder to having to tag it with one or more folksonomic tag-dealies that I have to remember - "hmmm, did I call it 'recipe' or 'recipeS'?" every time I tag.

Granted, it is annoying to have to wonder if I saved some wonderful site on this computer or that computer or both, but I think that I will be using GoogleNotebooks to synch between home computer, school computerS, and travel computer. That way, I can still have the subject-clumping-together that I prefer, yet not worry about whether I saved it on this or that computer.

I did set up a delicious account last summer, but only put 1 article in it. So I got back in, read (and discarded) that article, and now have an empty delicious account. I do understand the social-ness of it (having listened to the podcast), but just don't currently see the value in changing over all my bookmarks from various computers onto delicious.

Furl looked cool, in the 'your copy of the page, archived' aspect, but I just did not get any good vibe from Ma.gnolia at all = clunky start page, much less clear than start for delicious or furl. So, no Magnolia for me, maybe Furl, maybe delicious, definitely GoogleNotebooks for school-related and current projects. To synch home and travel computers' bookmarks, I will be using FoxMarks since I prefer Firefox to IE.

For school use, I am concerned about the social aspect of delicious - most social sites are blocked anyway. I think that the sharing of sites-lists could be fraught with potential problems for high schoolers at school - "just who is this person sharing sites/ accessing my sites list, in real life?"
The other invitation-based or password-protected tools like GoogleNotebooks would be a better fit for school use.

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