Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thing #20 - YouTube, TeacherTube and Zamzar

So many videos, so little time! (and the frustration of knowing our district blocks YouTube, even though it has much educational content that is not repeated on TeacherTube)

San Diego State University's edtech folks (yes, where Bernie Dodge of WebQuest fame teaches) did a cool video project using SecondLife (found on YouTube, not available on TeacherTube... sigh)

On TeacherTube, selection is rather sparse in many areas, but I did find this clear explanation of putting those leader dots (you know, the line of dots running between menu item and its price) in MSWord - now I can show folks how to make programs look great without typing in squizzillions of periods on the lines!

I did enjoy the Abbott & Costello math video on the high school channel of TeacherTube, but wondered about copyright issues.

Because I couldn't get the ConstructionChallengeFinals closing video to play at school, I had tried Zamzar in May at home, but had some trouble getting it to 'translate' the YouTube .flr into something that I could burn on a CD. I will try again later.

Searching on the Blinkx site for vacation info, I found an interesting video about Mesa Verde's 100th anniversary, which led to video about yesterday's lightning strike of Rocky Mtn NP hikers - since we are visiting both places soon, it's vital for us to know about the upswing in lightning activity in those mountains. Previously, I would not have had a way to check with the Denver TV stations!

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