Monday, July 7, 2008

Thing #17 - Rollyo

Rollyo - meh, as my college daughter would say, just not that impressive so far.

I chose Travel searchroll from the starter pack, then did a search with it for Colorado factory tours (excluding Celestial Seasonings and Hammonds Candies, since I know them), to see if there was anything new to visit (last time there was 4 years ago). Lots and lots of sponsored results, i.e. commercial stuff, and had to slog through long pages on to find anything. Not much there...

Better results on google with exact same search terms (colorado factory tours -celestial -hammondscandies) because it was not just searching the high-profile sites (hmmm... does this mean they paid to be on the Rollyo starter pack for Travel??) that just had the same-old same-old.

So, I will be aware of this service as a potential helper when I want to take the time to put together a very targeted group of sites to save and search together. But for the nonce, no dice!

(And Library2play should have quotation marks around this entire entry, with first line as disclaimer that it's all from Rollyo site verbatim.... tsk, tsk)

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