Monday, May 21, 2012

Thing 2 (cpd23) - a-visiting we'll go

It's almost too bad that Thing 2-Visit other cpd23 blogs - is the second Thing to do in this course, since many newcomers to the program are just getting their blogs started or have set up their blog but have no content yet. Some of us repeat cpd'ers do have posts available for reading, but they're usually last year's reflections and discoveries (as far into the course as we got).

But if we waited until midway through cpd23 to visit other blogs, then we'd miss seeing some great ideas on how to configure our own blogs, finding out who else is in our area of specialty or geographic region (or isn't), and so on.

So I've subscribed to some current cpd23 participants' blogs - by RSS or by email, depending on the options offered - and will have their new posts arrive automatically in my reader/mailbox. As I do with most blogs that I follow, I'll read most posts as information which requires no comment on my part, but will definitely try to respond to cpd23 posts in a meaningful way. (who wants to read "me, too!" as a comment??)

Onward through the 23Things!

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