Saturday, June 25, 2011

cpd Thing 2: Explore other blogs

Trolling through the Delicious list of cpd23 participants' blogs was a bit like our first visit to the neighborhood Chinese restaurant in Beijing in 2005 - the very brief English descriptions gave fragmentary and puzzling glimpses into what might arrive at the table if those items were selected!

Many cpd23 blogs had cryptic names (as mine admittedly does) which don't tell the reader what to expect. Other blog names were subject-specific yet painfully plain. Experience levels range from newest of newbies (blog set up, but not even an intro post) to average library folk (know the tech, have a fair-decent blog, perhaps LibraryThings veteran) to the superstars (customized blog w/uber-relevant blogroll & detailed posts).  If the blogger told us their location & library type, that was a definite plus.

So, I wandered through the list, checking on blogs by librarians in different sectors and geographical areas, and selected 9 that I've subscribed to during our cpd23 voyage together. I've learned that it's far easier to have a workable number of blogs to follow and comment on when it comes to these sorts of LibraryThing online 'classes' than to try to rush through a section of the blogroll for this Thing, then another section for the next Thing.

And to add to the fun, I've also signed on for the eduMOOC (Massive Open Online Class)  about Online Learning from the University of Illinois Springfield USA which begins June 27 and runs for 8 weeks, discussing "Online Learning Today...and Tomorrow." Almost 2,000 other folks are already signed up, so this ought to get interesting! Earlier I tagged along on CCK2011, a MOOC about Creativity, Connectivism & Knowledge, so the broader-yet-narrower scope of eduMOOC looks to be a bit more manageable.

Plus the Ultimate Blog Challenge begins on July 1 for my "real" blog - BooksYALove - where I recommend YA books beyond the bestsellers, especially books by first-time authors and smaller publishers, so that's 31 days of specific blog-a-liciousness to play with...

Also dipping my toes into Thomas Dolby's new sorta-MMORPG called The Floating City, which requires cooperative trading strategies to discover the detailed rules of the game. Completed my first trade and received download of "She Blinded Me With Science" (love that song!) - ultimate prize for winning team is live concert...ooohhh.....

Let's get rolling, cpdsters!

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Ruan Peat said...

Thank you for making me one of your nine :-) I am working thourgh this for a second time so am doing them a little bit ahead! so today thing 4 went up :-) I shall be watching your blog too as we travel this CPD23 together.