Friday, August 14, 2009

Thing #10

Wow, it's harder to walk and turn and pick things up than it seems when "your fingers do the walking" on keyboard to keep your SecondLife avatar moving... I don't think I've graduated to being a toddler yet!

I love the museums and demos in SL and can see the benefit of allowing students to view, try, and do things in those scenarios. Alas, most school districts won't allow students to experience SL and the problem-solving that it takes to accomplish the smallest functions because of the the small potential hazards on SL. Also, the 'strain' on the school/district networks and computing resources for such graphic-intensive app usually limit the use of such resources at school.

I tried to attend a virtual seminar, but had so much trouble getting from place A to place B that I decided to step out of SL for a while (so I can read up on using movement commands and such).

Someday, Katri Easterwood will stroll with confidence through SL, discovering new, cool things serendipitously, just like wandering the stacks of a new library to see what neat books come into view! Except I cannot fly in a physical world library!

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