Monday, July 20, 2009

Thing #3

As long as the school library has sufficient bandwidth to carry a Skype (or Skype-like) conversation without audio blips or video stutter, it can be a hub for all the wonderful opportunities for learning 'extra muros' that are outlined in the articles (esp. 50 Awesome ways to use Skype in the classroom ) .

In fact, with travel costs rising and school budgets shrinking, using Skype et al. can be the best way to expose our students to the Big World through visual field trips, author conferences, class-to-class exchanges, and the like.

My favorite idea is performing live for another group, like having the High School drama kids acting out a scene for the elementary students across town. Imagine the savings in bus costs, time, etc, as well as the potential for the big kids to watch the littlies perform in turn!

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