Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thing #1

Of course, you could substitute the term "school librarian" for "teacher" in the Networked Student video. (that's why "teacher-librarian" is the preferred term in Australia, etc)

Helping students learn how to discern authoritative information sources, to use the best tools for capturing and keeping up with their info, and to create knowledge products appropriate to the source, focus and audience - these are all tasks which fill the days of secondary school librarians - WHEN their administrative teams allow such learning strands to exist and thrive in the school library.

We must prepare our students to be learners-in-community - no one will have skills or knowledge enough to go it alone in the future (or even now). As the saying goes, "All of us is smarter than each of us."

Give a look at what Elvis says about learning and knowing (not that Elvis...) related to music

Will it turn out that our students have left the building to learn what they need to succeed in the info world, or will school librarians give them the knowledge tools that transcend the walls?

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